Are you an unarmed, kind-hearted, North American with health insurance (a US definition of Canadians that I heard this past weekend) having trouble swallowing the anti-culture cuts from Harper among everything else? Are you feeling as if you are drowning and alone in a sea of greed and mean-spiritedness created by North American Conservatives?

Are you a tired,old hippy, looking to create a more generous, egalitarian world? I sure am!!!

So here’s the website for the Department of Culture where they are busy getting the word out that you are not alone.

Are you feeling like “anyone but Harper”? Vote For Environment goes into depth about what your vote could mean. For example, the Liberals’ seat is pretty safe in my riding so I can vote with my heart (ie Green or NDP). But if I were voting in a riding which could go either way, it would be good to know and vote accordingly. Smart, eh?

And do you know Boréal Art/Nature, my favorite artist-run centre located in the boreal forest of Quebec’s northern Laurentians?  It has always been dedicated to the exploration of new links between contemporary artistic practices and nature.  Their research has always been undertaken in a spirit of social awareness, respectful of history, evolution, and the current importance of nature-culture relationships.  They’ve had all funding cut, federal and provincial.  Read about it in their blog.

So what ever you do, please vote wisely, pro-culture, pro-environment, and pro-fellow humans on this planet!