Pastors Hagee and Parsley, pernisious spirit guides

October 7, 2008

Holy cow, my goodness! What was McCain thinking!?
Here are some very interesting clips of Rod Parsley, Hagee and McCain’s rejection of their support. Very interesting. So does putting Palin on the ticket get back the Christian right vote? Guess I need to do some more research. But it’s too unpleasant. Maybe tomorrow…


One Response to “Pastors Hagee and Parsley, pernisious spirit guides”

  1. This came from my buddy Adela:
    you happened to be enjoying your day until now:

    Alas, most “liberals”, “leftists” etc think of these people as whackjobs,
    and not to be taken seriously.

    Please pass along to any/all lightworkers you know.

    I’ve been doing what I can on my flickr page, but it needs a lot more.

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