“Video Your Vote”, PBS, and you!

November 3, 2008

And here’s Judy Woodruff asking us to video our votes.  It’s short, watch it, then go vote!  And video your vote!  (After you watch Judy there is a video of an early voter.  Just lovely.  If you have see too much Fox television, or read too many crazy blog comments, you may need to watch this.  It will restore your faith in humanity.


3 Responses to ““Video Your Vote”, PBS, and you!”

  1. stubbygray said

    Thanks for posting these, especially the early voter. I got emotional listening to her describe how she felt about voting for Obama. It is such a historic moment in our country’s history.

    Thanks for sharing. Now that I know, I will take my camera with me to vote!

  2. […] a comment » I didn’t know we could do this, but I just learned on Lani’s Gentle Leftist Blog that PBS and YouTube are running a Video Your Vote campaign. What a great idea. A grassroots way to […]

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
    I too loved the early voters clip. And I thought about how she got emotional and how we can identify with it and I started thinking how can we not get emotional when our ancestors fought so hard for our rights to vote, pursue happiness, and be free. It’s almost like the ancestors are fluttering their wings here, saying, yes, yes, you’ve got it!

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