From VoteForChange.Com

September 30, 2008

For voting information go to Vote for Change. They’ve made finding out how to vote very easy. You can use this website to:
* 1. Register to vote.
* 2. Request to vote absentee.
* 3. Find your polling location.
Having read all of the Greg Palast/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. information, I wanted to make sure I was really registered. I was able to access my Bergen County election official’s email and phone number. I ended up calling and reassuring myself that I was on the rolls. Whew!

To make sure it gets there on time with a tracking # I’m going to express my vote with FedEx. Do you live in a “swing” state, or a state that tends to “lose” ballots? FedEx will express your ballot in most states, too.

Thank you for making all of this easier, Obama!